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Rathdown Kenpo Karate


Glossary of Kenpo Terms

Back-Up Mass - The use of body wieght that is directly behind of the action that is taking place. As examples, (1) a punch delivered when the elbow is directly behind of the fist, or (2) the bracing of one finger directly behind the other when dieliver a two finger chop to throat etc,

Black Dot Focus - Our Kenpo concept of focus. We visualise a black dot on a white screen representing total awareness. Our concern is not only to maximise power but protection aswell. See White Dot focus.

Body Alignment - This involves the placing of angles into perspective. It si the coordinations of body parts in order to harmonize the angles at which they travel. All parts of the body are aligned to travel in one direction. this principle, when followed, automatically triggers the principle of BACK UP MASS wher body weight enhances your action.

Body Momentum - The utilization of body weight to increase the force of your action. It involves the coordination of of mind, breath, strength and body weight while shuffling forward or in reverse so that all forces are moving in harmony toward the same direction. It is a great contributor ot back up mass

Capoiera - An excellent Brazilian method of self defense. Experts of Capoiera resemble graceful dancers. They employ cart wheels, handsprings, ground techniques and takedowns to effectively subdue their opponents.

CHI - A chinese term used to describe the powers that can be generated when the mind and body are totally unified. It involves total and complete synconization of mind, breath, strength to achieve maximum force. It is that extra inner force created by the precise synchronization of the conscious and subconscious mind along with and individuals breath and strenght.

Complementary angle - A strike or block that follows a path or angle that parallels an attacking weapon, a defensive posture, the contour of an opponent, or a given line. Following these angular paths allows clear entry to desired targets. Taking advantage of these angular opportunities helps to produce maximum results as well as cause greater damage.

Conditioned response - To respond instinctively to a given variable

Conscious mind - A section of our mind that we use on a daily basis which allows us think when awake.

Contouring principle - This concept involves using the outline of your opponents body as a homing device or guide to accomplish certain feats. The concept is devised into two basic categories - methods that employ (1) body contact or (2) non body contact. there are many sub division of this concept.

Controlling - the ability to restrain oneself from all our action, or execute action with regulatory frequency and persistence. (2) The use of various techniques employed to restrain your opponent from taking all out action

Cover - The repositioning of your body into a protective pose while creating distance between you and your opponent. This is usually done by shifting the forward leg to the opposite side as you turn and face the opposite direction.

Depth Perception - is the ability to judge the distance of objects

Depth Zones - One of the categorical zones of protection. It entails the protection of approximately 7 depth zones. These are vertical zones viewed from the side.

Dimensional Zone Theory - It was created to teach students of American Kenp how to use their imagination to visually divide their opponents body into vertical and horizontal zones (sections) as viewed from the front, side, or back. This in turn allows a student to subdivide an opponent into four basic zones - height, width, depth and zones of obsurity.

Environmental objects - useable objects that surround us (wall, chair, table etc) or that are on us (comb, lipstick etc) which we can use as weapons of defense

Equation formula - This is a special formula that one can follow in determining and devloping specific fighting patterns that are practical and logical. the formula allow you a more conclusive basis for negotiating your alternate reactions.

Fitting - Applying the shape of a natural weapon to fit the target being struck. It is like fitting a puzzle in place. The effectiveness of a strike is enhanced when you use shapes that match. It is one of the methods of contouring.

Focus - Is the result of the entire body working as a unit at the very instant a target is struck. The concentration of the mind, breath, strength and methods of execution must unite as one in conjunction with body momentum, torque, gravitational marriage, timing, speed penetration etc

Formulation Phase - This is the analytical process of dissecting a technique, it involves the actual application of your newly found alternatives to the original ideal or fixed technique.

Gravitational Marriage - The uniting of mind, breath, and strength while simultaneously dropping your body weight along with the execution of your natural weapons. Timing all of these factors with the dropping of your body weight greatly adds to the force of your strikes. This combined action literally causes a marriage with gravity.

Height Zones - One of the divisions of the DIMENSIONAL ZONE THEORY. Zones related to this division encompass protection or attack on three levels. These levels are viewed horizontally - from the head to the solar plexus, the solar plexus to the groin and the groin ot the feet.

Ideal Phase - the first analytical process of dissecting a technique. It entails structuring specific and fixed moves of a selected sequence of movements which take into consideration the anticipated reactions that can stem from them.

Intuitive Awareness - refers to 'paranormal perception'

KIAI - A lound noise caused by the rapid expulsion of air from the diaphragm of the body. The expulsion of air creates stability, increases force fortifies the body and can have a psychological effect upon your opponent. Kiai originally meant 'breathing exercise'.

Line of Attack - the path that an opponent follows when he is attacking. This line of attack canc come form 12 o'clock, 4 o'clock etc

Muscular Systems - an assemblage of fiber cells that can contract or expand upon signal from the nervous system to produce body movements.

Obscure Zones - those areas of space that are outside of the boundaries of peripheral sight. These zones of space are blind spots from which action can stem and be delievered unchecked.

Rathdown Kenpo Karate, Taney Parish Centre, Dundrum, Dublin 14, Ireland


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