Rathdown Kenpo Karate

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Rathdown Kenpo Karate

Please find below the official IKKA list of requirements for the Blue belt syllabus. Any 'technique or form' which has a hyperlink will display a video when clicked. I recommend using Windows Media Player or else Quicktime to view these files.


Blue Belt Syllabus

Stances Blocks Manoeuvres

Reverse Close Kneel Outside Downward Diagonal Hop
Reverse Wide Kneel Downward Horizontal Forearm Pull Drag

Punches Parries Strikes

Thrusting Inverted Vertical Inward Horizontal Heel Palm Upward Elbow
Snapping Inverted Vertical Outward Horizontal Heel Palm Obscure Elbow
Overhead (palm down)

Finger Techniques Kicks

Underhand Whip Front Scoop Front Chicken (forward then rear)
Underhand Claw Back Scoop Front Chicken (rear then forward)
Outward Overhead Claw Reverse Roundhouse Back Chicken (forward then rear)
Back Finger Thrust Pull Drag Kicks Back Chicken (rear then forward)

Self Defence Techniques

1. Begging Hands (grab) 13. Fallen Cross (rear choke)
2. Thrusting Wedge (push) 14. Returning Storm (club attack)
3. Flashing Wings (punch) 15. Crossed Twigs (grab)
4. Hugging Pendulum (kick) 16. Twist of Fate (attempted grab)
5. Repeated Devastation (grab) 17. Flashing Mace (punch)
6. Entangled Wing (grab) 18. Gift of Destiny (handshake)
7. Defying the Storm (club attack) 19. Wings of Silk (grab)
8. Raking Mace (grab) 20. Gripping Talon (grab)
9. Snaking Talon (grab)
21. Gathering Clouds (punch)
10. Shield and Mace (punch) 22. Destructive Twins (front choke)
11. Retreating Pendulum (kick) 23. Broken Ram (tackle)
12. Tripping Arrow (bear hug)
24. Circling the Horizon (punch)

Freestyle Techniques (R to L)

B1aPdk B5aPrk B3aPHrk B1arksrk
B1bPdk B5bPrk B3bPHrk B1brksrk
B2aPdk B6ahkbk B4aPHrk B3askrksrk
B2bPdk B6bhkbk B4bPhrk B3bskrksrk
B3aPdk B1aPHrk B5aPHrk B5atskrk
B3bPdk B1bPHrk B5bPHrk B5btskrk
B4aPdk B2aPHrk B6ahkbkls B6arsk6hk
B4bPdk B2bPHrk B6bhkbkls B6brsk6hk


Finger Set 1
Striking Set 1
Long Form 2
Own Form (10 techniques)


Rathdown Kenpo Karate, Taney Parish Centre, Dundrum, Dublin 14, Ireland


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