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Rathdown Kenpo Karate


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Yellow Belt Syllabus

Damien Keogh performing Delayed Sword (1st technique from the yellow belt syllabus) - Please scroll down for a step by step guide to the technique

Please find below a complete summary of the basics, forms and techniques which comprise the Yellow belt IKKA syllabus (the first belt for which you will be tested for).



Neutral Bow

Forward Bow (right and left)

Reverse Bow (right and left)

Cat (right and left) 

Inward (right and left)

Outward (right and left)
Extended outward (right and left)

Upward (right and left)
Downward (right and left)

Strikes & Kicks
Straight punch (right and left)   
Vertical punch (right and left)    
Uppercut punch (right and left) 
Inward elbow (right and left) 
Back elbow (right and left)
Outward elbow (right and left) 
Overhead inward elbow (right and left)
Heel palm (right and left)

Front kick (right and left)  

Back kick (right and left)  

Spinning back kick (right and left)

Roundhouse kick (right and left)

Side Snap - Knife Edge

Step Through Kicks

Step through (forward and reverse)
Step drag (forward and reverse)
Drag step (forward and reverse)
Switch (front to rear)
Switch (rear to front)

Self Defense Techniques

1. Delayed Sword (against a right grab).
2. Alternating Mace (against a two handed push).
3. Sword of Destruction ( against a left punch).
4. Deflecting Hammer (against a right kick).
5. Checking the Storm (against a right overhead club attack)
6. The Grasp (against a side head lock)
7. Attacking Mace (against a straight punch)
8. Captured Twigs (against a bear hug from the rear)
9. Mace of Aggression (against a two handed front grab)

10. Sword and Hammer (against a left grab from the rear)

Freestyle Techniques
B1a B2a       B3a     B4a
B1b B2b       B3b     B4b

Short Form 1
Blocking Set 1

Delayed Sword

Standing naturally, step back with your left foot toward 6:00 into a right neutral bow facing 12:00 while simultaneously executing a right inward block to the right inner wrist of your opponent. At the same time position your left hand at solar plexus level as a precautionary check against further action.

Immediately slide your right foot back into a cat stance.

Without hesitation deliver a right front snap ball kick to your opponents groin

Plant your right foot forward into a right neutral bow facing 12:00 to check your opponent's right knee, as you deliver a right outward handsword strike to  the right side of your opponents neck. Remember to maintain the position of your left hand as a precautionary check. Immediately slide your right hand to the right wrist of your opponent as a precautionary check.

Cover out.



Rathdown Kenpo Karate, Taney Parish Centre, Dundrum, Dublin 14, Ireland





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