Rathdown Kenpo Karate

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Rathdown Kenpo Karate

Please find below the official IKKA list of requirements for the Purple belt syllabus. Any 'technique or form' which has a hyperlink will display a video when clicked. I recommend using Windows Media Player or else Quicktime to view these files.


Purple Belt Syllabus

Stances Finger Techniques Kicks

One leg Vertical Finger Thrust Front Thrusting Ball
Cat Upward Thrust Side Thrusting Knife Edge
Front Twist Overhead Whip Back Thrusting Heel
Rear Twist Thrusting Sweep Kick

Blocks Parries Manoeuvres

Push Down Inside Downward Push Drag
Cross (upward) Outside Downward Front Crossover
Universal Rear Crossover


Inward Horizontal Forearm Underhand Heel Palm
Outward Horizontal Forearm Inward Horizontal Heel Palm
Inner Diagonal Wrist Upward Lifting Back Knuckle

Self Defence Techniques

1. Twirling Wings (rear grab) 13. Calming the Storm (club attack)
2. Snapping Twig (left push) 14. Darting Mace (wrist grab)
3. Leaping Crane (right punch) 15. Hooking Wings (attempted grab)
4. Swinging Pendulum (kick) 16. Shield and Sword (punch)
5. Crushing Hammer (bear hug) 17. Gift in Return (handshake)
6. Captured Leaves (hand grab) 18. Bow of Compulsion (grab)
7. Evading Storm (club attack) 19. Obstructing the Storm (club attack)
8. Charging Ram (tackle) 20. Twin Kimono (grab)
9. Parting Wings (attempted grab) 21. Sleeper (punch)
10. Thundering Hammers (punch) 22. Spiralling Twig (bear hug)
11. Squeezing the Peach (bear hug) 23. Cross of Destruction (rear choke)
12. Circling Wing (rear choke) 24. Flight to Freedom (arm lock)

Freestyle Techniques (L to L)

B5a tskrk tskB5aPbk rktskB5a
B5b rktsk tskB5aPhk rktskB5b
B5aP B1atskrk tskB5aPbkhk rktskB5aP
B5bP tskrkB1a tskB5aPhkbk rktshB5bP
B5aPbk tskB5a rktsk6bk rktskB5aPbk
B5aPhk tskB5b rktsk6hk rktskB5aPhk
B5aPbkhk tskB5aP rktsk6bkhk rktskB5aPbkhk
B5aPhkbk tskB5bP rktsk6hkbk rktskB5aPhkbk


Stance Set 1 Coordination Set 1
Short Form 2 Own form (5 techniques)


Rathdown Kenpo Karate, Taney Parish Centre, Dundrum, Dublin 14, Ireland


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