Rathdown Kenpo Karate

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Rathdown Kenpo Karate

Please find below the official IKKA list of requirements for the Green belt syllabus. Any 'technique or form' which has a hyperlink will display a video when clicked. I recommend using Windows Media Player or else Quicktime to view these files.


Green Belt Syllabus

Stances Finger Techniques Punches

Concave Upward Claw Inverted Vertical Roundhouse
Inward Claw Chopping
Outward Claw Looping Overhead

Parries Blocks Strikes

Upward Inward Vertical Forearm Downward Elbow
Inside Knee Outward Vertical Forearm Inward Vertical Forearm
Outside Knee Outward Vertical Forearm

Kicks Manoeuvres

Hook Front Fall
Shovel Back Fall
Reverse Snap Side Fall
Spinning Reverse Roundhouse Rolling Fall (Front and Back)
Inward Crescent
Outward Crescent

Self Defence Techniques

1. Obscure Claws 13. Heavenly Ascent
2. Encounter with Danger 14. Capturing the Storm
3. Circling Destruction 15. Conquering Shield
4. Detour from Doom 16. Taming the Mace
5. Squatting Sacrifice 17. Twirling Sacrifice
6. Escape from Death 18. Cross of Death
7. Brushing the Storm 19. Securing the Storm
8. Menacing Twirl 20. Intercepting the Ram
9. Leap from Danger 21. Kneel of Compulsion
10. Circles of Protection 22. Clipping the Storm
11. Circle of Doom 23. Glancing Wing
12. Broken Gift 24. The Back Breaker


Co-ordination Set 2
Short Form 3
Own Form (15 techniques)


Rathdown Kenpo Karate, Taney Parish Centre, Dundrum, Dublin 14, Ireland
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